Customer focused first party collection services.

We are a fully compliant and licensed consultant in the Collections, Lending and Payment processing World that specializes in:

  • Developing its client’s policies and procedures to meet regulators expectationsand train clients on how to operationalize and audit them. 

  • First- party customer service account rehabilitation and retention company. 

  • Our focus is on creating experiences for customers—online, on the phone and through social media. We approach it from all sides; from acquisition and sales to customer care, offering a suite of world-class customer experience services and technology—including customer relationship management and back office support. 

First Party Collections

Our customer experience focused approach yields more payments while preserving your customer relationships. We take the appropriate actions needed for debt resolution.

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Quality interactions paired with dedicated compliance are the foundation of our collections programs.

Our cutting edge, flexible and scalable collections solutions help retain your customers and build brand loyalty.

Our agents use insight-driven cues to the select the most appropriate approach to improve customer experience and improve dept resolution.

What Makes Us Different

YO! Solutions is different. Compliance is our priority.

We engage with consumers in three ways:

  1) Great friendly customer service

  2) A transparent chance to rehabilitate their loan payments; and  

  3) We are first party to the lender

  4) We are experts in Compliance 


We provide up to date Compliance and internal auditing for our clients. 

Policies and Procedures describe a company’s operating practices and how they adhere to consumer protection laws.  They are active and live documents that are expected to change as a company finds defects in their operations.


Any change to a company’s covered policy or procedure must first be reviewed by a compliance committee and if agreed upon and updated through the Change Management Policy instructions. Regulators will inspect your documents to ensure lenders and servicers are following this process. 

Why We Are Better

First-party collection services that put the customer first.

We act as an extension of your brand to drive repayment while promoting your company. Our dedicated compliance team monitors ongoing regulatory changes, while our agents increase payments using a blended cure/care outsourced collections approach. Our methods are supported by innovative processes and technology solutions that increase first party collections and enhance customer retention.